College Football Betting Top Ten as of 9-18-2023

Top-seeded Georgia had a scare at home and Alabama’s quarterback situation continues to be an issue. Things are getting interesting as we head to week four. Here is this week’s new Top Ten:

Top Ten as of 9-18-2023

#10. Utah 3-0 (+9000) - In Rising’s absence, Utah has been able to develop another weapon with the speed of Johnson at quarterback. Next Up: vs. UCLA Last week’s Rank (10)

#9. Washington 3-0 (+3000) - Washington blasted MSU on the road to stay perfect. With a veteran quarterback and dominant offense, are we selling the Huskies short? Next Up: vs. Cal Last week’s Rank (9)

#8. Penn State 3-0 (+1600) - Penn State dominated Illinois on the road this week but their season will only be measured by how they perform against the Big Ten’s Big two: Ohio State and Michigan. Next Up: vs. Iowa Last week’s Rank (8)

#7. Ohio State 3-0 (+1000) - Ohio State still seems to be working out the kinks, particularly on offense. They better hope they have it worked out heading into South Bend on Saturday. Next Up: @ #6 Notre Dame Last week’s Rank (7)

#6. Notre Dame 4-0 (+1600) - The warm-up portion of the Irish’ schedule is over. This week, we find out whether or not this team is playoff-worthy. Next Up: vs. #7 Ohio State Last week’s Rank (6)

#5. Florida State 3-0 (+1200) - The Seminoles survived a huge scare at Boston College on Saturday, squeaking out a 31-29 win after leading by 3 touchdowns They may have been looking ahead to this week’s showdown. Next Up: @ Clemson Last week’s Rank (4)

#4. Texas 3-0 (+1000) - For a few moments, it looked like the Longhorns might be suffering from a letdown against Wyoming. Texas recovered and picked up a 31-10 win. Next Up:@ Baylor Last week’s Rank (5)

#3. USC 3-0 (+1400) - USC was idle this week but holds the third spot as the Trojans look like the class of the best conference in college football right now, the Pac-12. Next Up: @ Arizona State Last week’s Rank (6)

#2. Michigan 3-0 (+400) - The Wolverines rolled on over Bowling Green last week and now welcome back head coach Jim Harbaugh from a school-imposed suspension. The Big Ten schedule begins this week with a matchup with Rutgers. Next up: vs. Rutgers Last week’s Rank (2)

#1. Georgia 3-0 (+230) - Georgia had to come back at home against South Carolina and pulled out a 28-14 victory. The win streak continues but the Bulldogs continue to look, as they did last year, susceptible to the pass. Next Up: vs. UAB; Last week’s Rank (1)

  • In parenthesis, the odds of winning the National Title.

Upset Watch Week 3:

Things don’t always go according to plan in college football. Each week we will look at a possible upset against one of our top ten teams.

#5 Florida State (-2.5) at Clemson 12 PM on Saturday: There are a lot of quality games this week with Top Ten ramifications including Ohio State at Notre Dame but this one jumps out to me. Clemson has owned the ACC in recent years and gets a chance to defend their throne at home against their biggest threat this season. Can the Seminoles ramp it back up after last week’s scare against Boston College?

The One That Got Away Week 1:

Each week we will look at a game from the previous week in which defeat was snatched away from the jaws of victory with a fateful play near the end of the game. We’ve all been there, why not painfully rehash it?

Western Michigan (+28.5) at #25 Iowa

A spread of over four touchdowns with an Iowa team that struggles to score four touchdowns? Let’s get to the betting window and take those points gratefully with Western Michigan.

By halftime, this one is a 14-10 dogfight with the Hawkeyes clinging to the lead. Your chest expands and puffs out, laughing at your good fortune at such a foolishly high point spread in a game involving the offensively challenged Hawkeyes. What could possibly go wrong?

By the end of the third quarter its now 31-10 Iowa. You peer up into the coach’s booth but the Hawkeyes did not pry Chip Kelly away from UCLA at halftime. What is with this offensive explosion? Still, we have an additional 7.5 points to play with so, what could possibly go wrong? With five minutes to go in the fourth quarter, the Hawkeys cash in with a field goal, 34-10. Well, that should do it. It was close but we’ll survive. Wait a second, the Hawkeyes take over at Western Michigan’s 33 with less than three minutes to play. Ok, just kneel on it. You’ve proved your point, you have some sort of offense. No need to…oh no, inside the 20. Stares up at clock, under a minute to go. Kneel on it, they get it. You don’t have anything more to prove! Oh no!!! Iowa plunges in from two yards out with 30 seconds left!! WHY?!?!!! Final Score: Iowa 41 Western Michigan 10 Western Michigan (+28.5) - LOSS

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